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Is a VoIP Phone suitable for Small Businesses?

Regardless of the size of your business, having the proper business telephone system on your office and for your staff is an essential benefit for you and your clients. Traditional phone systems are no longer a viable option if you are looking to provide your company with an up-to-date system. Traditional phone systems are complex and not very flexible for a growing business. This is why a VoIP Phone System can be a viable option for any size business. 

VoIP phone systems are flexible, cost-effective and reliable for any size business. There are several benefits when it comes to a VoIP phone system. Being able to collaborate and work from anywhere you are is one of the main benefits. Your business is no longer only in your office. Now, your office phone system can easily be anywhere you are with little requirements like having an internet connection.

Having a VoIP phone system as your small business phone system can be the way to start due to its flexibility. Features provided also help you with your growing business but most importantly, the ability to continue to upgrade and update your business telephone system is the main goal for Telrad Technology Group Ltd.


  • Easy installation, maintenance, and use: VoIP phone systems are the best solution for a growing business because of its easy-to-use features. These are simple to install, maintenance is minimal and you can learn how they work with very little technical knowledge. 
  • Flexibility: For a small business that is just starting, you may not always be sure of how many phone systems you will need. With VoIP phone systems this is not a problem, adding or taking outlines is simple and takes no time. 
  • Cost-effective: This phone system is cheaper due to the simplicity of the installation and use. 

If you are not clear about which phone system would work best for your business and your current staff, you can always contact the Telrad Technology Team for them to guide you. With over 30 years of experience, they are more than capable of providing a long-lasting phone system for your company.

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