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Out-dated Phone System?

Most companies and businesses have the same phone system for more than a decade without any upgrade or change. They are probably still working but is it really working its best? Does it have all the features you are looking for? If you are considering a change, is probably because there is a feature that you need that your current phone system is not providing.

  • Are you able to receive calls from outside the office?

Business today is not only on the office anymore. Life has gotten much more difficult now and we have to take our business almost everywhere we are. You are definitely not able to give out your personal phone number, for this cases is best to have a VoIP phone system. Easy to use, set up and very flexible even if you have people working from outside the country.

  • Your company can grow from one month to another, how easy it is for you to add lines?

Flexibility on your office phone system is important, you business won’t stay the same over the years and the need to add lines or equipment will come. How easy it is for you to add more lines? or provide your staff with their own equipment. When this happens, is also important for you to have a great company behind your phone system so that they can provide exactly what you need, when you need it.

  • Multiple locations?

If your company grows and now you have a team working outside the country or in another state, is your current phone system able to connect with your team? Having a cost-effecting phone system for this case can help you save money AND time.

If you are searching for a viable, durable and flexible business phone system, the Telrad Technology Team is available to help you and assist you with all the information you need in order to update.

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