VisionWare Phone Call Centre Software


VISIONware Call Center Edition

The Call Center Edition offers a set of features needed for an organization to effectively start and manage inbound and outbound call campaigns.

Call Center features include unlimited ACD Queues, unlimited call agents, comprehensive reporting, real time queue statistics, real time queue monitoring, soft phone, optional predictive inbound and outbound dialing, skills based routing, and more.

ACD Queues

  • Unlimited Agents and Queues
  • Ringing Strategy
  • Call Recording
  • Predictive Dialer
  • Queue Call Back


Call Center Statistics

  • Queues/Agents statistics and real time status
  • Inbound/Outbound Graphs
  • CSV and PDF Data Export
  • Windows, Mac and Linux Desktop Applications


Real Time Agent Monitoring

  • Barging
  • Listening
  • Monitoring


CRM/CTI Integration

  • Sugar CRM
  • Sales Force


Personal Accounting Manager

  • Experience Pre-Sales Consultation to ensure the ‘right’ solution
  • Post-Sales Responsibility to Ensure Project is delivered
  • A friendly voice


ACD Queues

The intelligent ACD queuing in VISIONware provides the user with easy to create queues. Whether it is giving music on hold, random announcements, or even just assigning agents to queues, VISIONware’s advantage is that it provides all these complex features in an easy to use, user-friendly interface.


ACD Queue Features

  • Easy Queue Setup
  • Music on Hold
  • Periodic Announcements
  • Agent Announcements
  • Agent Whisper
  • Call Recording
  • Agent Auto-Fill
  • Queue Statistics
  • Agent Groups


Ring Strategies

  • Ring All – Ring all assigned phones
  • Round Robin – Ring Agents in succession, one after another
  • Least Recent – The agent with the longest wait time
  • Fewest Calls – The agent that has taken the least calls
  • Random – Randomly distribute calls
  • Round Robin Memory – Remember where one left off


Queue Statistics

The Call Center includes comprehensive queue statistics reports. These reports will help you achieve better customer service by forecasting call volumes, calculating agent requirements, and comparing results with expectations.

Statistics data is opened in a separate pop-up window and displays:

Queue Features

  • All Calls
  • Answered Calls
  • Unanswered Calls
  • Call Time
  • Hold Time
  • Query Entry
  • Exit Position
  • Minimum Time
  • Maximum Time
  • Average Time
  • Total Time

Agents Statistics

  • Number of calls
  • Calls per minute
  • Calls percentage
  • Talk time
  • Idle time
  • Session time
  • Number of hang ups

The VISIONware statistics functionality is designed to give you ad-hoc reporting when and where you need it. Simply select your data range and the required information, and VISIONware [resents you with comprehensive data that is flexible enough to dive through and filter by simple clicking on the areas of interest

Real Time Displays

Real time queue – agent monitoring allows authorized user to keep track of status and traffic in each queue. Data is automatically refreshed every 3-60 seconds. The following details are displayed:

Queue Monitoring

  • Name
  • Total Calls
  • Maximum Calls
  • Calls Unanswered
  • Calls Waiting
  • VIP Calls Waiting



AQMON is a call center application designed to help an entire organization have a better view of calls in progress and to provide adequate management tolls to call center supervisors.

Supervisors can view all agent activity, hang-up and transfer their calls as well as monitor queues, the number of calls waiting, agent’s status, etc.

An entire organization can use the included wall board facility which displays major real time call statistics on a large LCD screen.

AQMON also offers real-time graphs which show the above information graphically. Messages can be shared between agents and supervisors. Agents can send assistance requests from agentCOM which is another application used by agents.

Call Recording

Call Center allows you to record all incoming and outgoing calls made by any extension or call agent. Audio format supported: gsm, wav, wav49, and ogg.

Important part of every call recording solution is storage and easy access to recordings. VISIONware builds your call recordings right into your call reports. By combining two major functions such reporting and call recording, VISIONware gives you the as ease of clicking on a Queue/Agent/Caller ID and seeing call by call all your recorded calls. The simply click to download.

  • System Recording

Records all calls on the system.

  • Extension Recording

Records calls from a specific extension on the system.

  • Instant Recording

This service records calls from the point that the activation code is entered (*159). From that point,

the call will be recorded until one of the parties hangs up.

  • Ring Group Recording

Records calls answered by any extension being a member of the Ring Group where Call Recording is enabled.

  • Agent Recording

Records calls answered by any agent that is a member of a given queue.

  • Queue Recording

Records calls answered by agents regardless of whether they are static, dynamic, or callback agents.

Compact Disk (CD)

The CD installation method is used to install VISIONware onto a commodity PC/server hardware. The installation process installs the Linux operating system, VISIONware, and all other necessary applications onto ta system hard drive. Installation is easy, fast and includes everything needed to successfully install and operate the system.



Pre-configured and loaded with the latest firmware images appliances. Our appliances are thoroughly tested for performance and compatibility and are available as:

  • miniRACK
  • maxiRACK
  • ftRACK



SERVERware is a solution designed for service providers wishing to offer hosted services like PBXes, soft switches, and complete Telco-in-a- box offerings.

It has been built with redundancy, scalability, flexibility, and very high availability from the start. SERVERware is available in two editions:

Server and Network.


  • Full Screen View
  • Supervisor Assistance
  • Not Ready Button & Status
  • Call & IVR Transfer
  • Queue Member Status
  • CRM System Integration



  • MS Outlook Integration
  • Click To Call
  • Real-Time Popup Call Notification
  • Unlimited Language Support


Presence Panel

  • Monitor Extensions
  • Extension Status
  • Click to Call
  • Color Coded

Call Center Communicator

  • VoIP Soft Phone
  • Instant Messaging Client
  • Operator Panel
  • Conference Administration
  • Call Center Communicator
  • Fax Send/Receive
  • MS Windows Desktop Application





















Standard System Features 
Multiple Languages
Standard or E164 Routing mode
Conferences Permissions
Remote Mobile/Cell Extension
Astmanproxy/Asterisk manager
CDR Search
Extension(s) 10001000
PSTN/VoIP Trunks
IVR Auto Attendants
Enhanced ACD Queues
Music On Hold
FAX over IP (FoIP) with T.38 technology
Instant Messaging Server
Networking and Branch Support
Least Cost Routing
Ring Groups
Call Recording
Call Monitor
Fax Files Removal
Queue statistic enhance filtering
OSC Destinations
OSC Enhanced Services availability
Channel(s) Limit Warning
IVR/Queues Custom Ring Tones
Monitor E-mail Template
Call Recordings Auto Mailing
RAM Disk
Operation Times Access Code
Queues Operation Times
Fax Exists Icon
MOH Download
Reboot Snom Phones
Caller ID From Group Hunt Over Trunk
Operation Times ON/OFF
Monitor Announcement
Extension Notes
DID Do Not Show
Standard System Features 
Extension Search By Default
Search Extension By MAC
Trunk Number
Support For Modal Dialogs
HTTP Only Mode
Check if outgoing number
System Wide/Per Extension On/Off
User Label
Polycom Phone Directory
Call Parking Time and Return Extension
Call Remote Extension to DID
Encrypted SIP signaling
Encrypted audio
QoS audio packets tagging
Microsoft Lync compatible
BLF parking slots monitoring

Delivery Method(s) 

Call Center Applications 
Queues Callback0
Call Agents
Skills Based Routing
Queue and Agent Statistic
Real Time Queue - Agents Monitoring

Real Time Telephony Billing0

Yes OptionalO
Unlimited Not Available

System Administration 
Web Browser Administration
Role Based Administration
Multi Site Administration

Setup And Configuration 
Unlimited Expandability
System Setup Wizard
Phones Auto Configuration/Provisioning
Trunks Auto Configuration
Service Providers Templates

Enhanced Services 
Follow Me
Group Hunt
Call Forwarding
Do Not Disturb
Caller ID
Last Caller
Call Park
Instant Recording
Call Pickup
Call Filters & Blocking
Speakerphone Page
Directory/BFL List
Speed Dial
Monitor Queues
Web Callback
Delete Recordings
Listen To Recordings
Call Monitoring
Phone Callback
Monitoring Conferences
Overhead Paging
Remote Access
Personal IVR
Online User Directory
Enhanced Services 
Operation Times ON/OFF from a Phone
Pause/Unpause Recording
System Customization & Reliability 
Services Monitoring
System Backup
Powerful Reporting
Custom Extensions

Enhanced Voicemail
Operator / Exit Digit
Unified Messaging
Time Zones Support
Voicemail Groups

Product / Customer Support 
Firmware Updates
Customer Support
Comprehensive Documentation

Desktop / Web User Applications 
Sound Converter
User Self Care
Presence Panel

CRM / CTI Integration On Request 
Sales Force

Yes OptionalO
Unlimited Not Available

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