Bing Thom Architects Inc.


Congratulations to Bing Thom for winning the 2013 Margolese National Design for Living Prize!  And Congratulations to Telrad for continuing its partnership with such an award winning Global Architecture Group.

The Margolese National Design for Living Prize is an annual prize given to a Canadian who has made and continues to make outstanding contributions to the development or improvement of living environments for Canadians of all economic classes.

Telrad agrees, and we would hope that a similar prize to be given out on the telecommunication contributions would be awarded to Telrad! For its contributions to helping businesses grow, serving our many local and international clients.

Telrad and BTA has had a very long time history.  Bing Thom has been using Telrad technology since 1984, starting out with the original 16 Station Key-Bx Electronic Key System.  Later upgrading to the Digital PBX in 1992.  Then in 2013 with offices in Hong Kong, and Washington DC, Bing Thom realized the need to move forward with IP  Technology upgrading to the new Telrad Vision IP Platform.