Fibreco Export Inc.

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The World’s largest exporter of “Green Accredited Carbon Neutral” Wood Pellet technology and Wood Chips chose Telrad platform for its global communication expansion needs.

5 Key Reasons they chose Telrad

  • The 99.999% History of system uptime
  • Executive sets with Single Button use
  • M/S Outlook Contact Call integration
  • Highly recommended Support Service
  • Software driven unique functions

Fibreco Export Inc. was founded in 1977 as a consortium of over thirty sawmill companies to export surplus B.C. wood chips to overseas pulp and paper manufacturing markets in Asia

Fibreco is the largest terminal handler of export wood pellets in the world.  BC’s wood pellets provide clean, carbon neutral, energy as an alternative to fossil fuels such as coal. Trees capture carbon as they grow. This offsets the carbon released when wood is used for fuel. Switching from coal to wood pellets reduces 100% of GHG emissions greenhouse gas emissions.

In 1993 Fibreco chose the Telrad Digital system to meet its growing International Communications needs.  After comparing Telrad technology to others Fibreco assured itself of the performance, longevity and expandability of the system to meet their growth needs.

Now over 20 years later in 2013 Fibreco upgraded to the newest Telrad IP Vision system technology again knowing that it will more than meet their needs in the foreseeable future.  The Telrad Vision gives remote workers full system access via IP sets enabling Fibreco to have the most synergist work team to expand its global markets with a virtually unlimited capacity in the system design.