Guild, Yule & Co. LLP



Paul W. Walker, Partner of Guild Yule wrote of their new Telrad system: “The new system meets the expectations and standards required by this firm for our telecommunications and voice messaging.  We are very pleased with the reliability of the system – and the training and technical support provided by Telrad has been excellent.”

Guild Yule LLP is a +80 Year Old Firm that has built a reputation as one of Canada’s leading litigation firms through skilled and effective protection of their clients’ interests.  Guild Yule  experience in personal injury litigation is extensive; including cases at all levels of Court, including the Supreme Court of Canada.

Clients can count on the experience of members like the Honourable Lance Finch who rejoined Guild Yule as associate counsel – November 7, 2013. From 2001 until his retirement in 2013, the Honorable Lance Finch was the Chief Justice of British Columbia.  He practiced with Guild Yule from 1963 until 1983. We are very happy to have him rejoin us.

Telrad was very excited when Guild Yule selected the new Telrad S400 Port Digital System for their Business Telecommunication Solution to work with such a long established and well-known prestigious firm

In 1996 Guild Yule chose the Telrad Digital system over competitors for the elegant new Digital Telephones with unique “one button” easy to use feature sets and full duplex speakerphones.  Then Telrad invented robust Call Record Feature and Call Accounting also helped them select Telrad as their new provider.  Eighteen years later, in 2013 Telrad upgraded their now older Digital Sets to the new Telrad Avanti Executive GUI and Display Sets for all the +80 lawyers and Administrative Staff.

The Telrad Digital S400 recently upgraded to the Telrad UnitE Server which can continue to serve the needs of Guild Yule another several decades evolving and expanding with their changing needs.