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Vancouver’s top law firm practicing in selected areas of business law and litigation has chosen Telrad!

5 Key Reasons they chose Telrad

  • Ease of Use – We are lawyers you know”
  • + 60 Year record of Service & Support
  • Cost Efficiency – short and long term
  • IT Self-Administration & Maintenance
  • Call Record to verify client instructions


Koffman Kalef LLP is a +80 person Vancouver law firm practicing in selected areas of business law and litigation with significant strength and experience in tax, securities and corporate finance, senior banking, commercial real estate transactions and development, intellectual property, international trade and mergers and acquisitions.

In 1996 KBK Koffman Birnie & Kalef Law firm needed a new phone system and turned to Telrad due to its Sets unique Full Duplex Speaker, Call Record, expandability and One Button features.  Then again, twelve years later, in 2008 – to upgrade to the latest Telrad technology- its Integrated Server version for their existing system….Retaining the use of their original phones and circuit cards. An impressive Evergreen solution.

In summary Mark Wong, Partner said: “We are pleased to recommend Telrad for a replacement phone and voice mail system, as our requirements have been more than reliably met.”

Due to the nature of their business, telecommunications is a critical component of their operations.  When they were faced with the difficult task of replacing their phone system, they evaluated a number of systems.  As a company that is dependent upon their telecommunications system- both internally and externally, the acquisition decision took several months.

In the end, they chose Telrad and for over 18 years are still extremely pleased with the features, ease of use and service/support.  And again in 2013 upgrading to the new Avanti GUI Expanded Display sets for all solicitors.

The depth of knowledge and experience of their lawyers allows them to deliver high quality legal services in a timely and cost-effective manner. The clients of Koffman Kalef find their advice and assistance practical, meaningful and useful.

Koffman Kalef understands the needs of their business clients and are committed to meeting those needs. Their clients can expect the highest quality of legal services from everyone at Koffman Kalef LLP fully supported by Telrad’s best client communications solution.